Using Typography in DIY Wallpapers, Posters & Drawings

What is typography?

According to the definition in “Practical Typography” by Matthew Butterick, typography is the visual component of a written word.

In other words, typography is the art of combining typographic elements and illustration into a unique and homogenous optical whole.

You can benefit from skills in typography in your everyday life, not only in art and hobbies, but at work and in your private life as well.

Typography Portraits

I’ve always liked typography portraits, i.e. drawings of human faces out of words. Maybe you’ve already stumbled upon some of these famous typography portraits:

Typography portrait of Audrey Hepburn
Typography portrait of Sherlock Holmes

As you can see, the main guideline and frame are silhouettes (most prominent lines in the appearance of these characters).

There are no shades, details or flourish whatsoever.

I decided to make a couple of these as well. Since I’m an English Lit major, I decided to go with Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway.

The drawings were filled out with their writings and poems.

This is how I drew Whitman:

Typography portrait of Walt Whitman – time lapse video

And this is the final drawing:

Typographic portrait of Walt Whitman

I made it according to his well-known portrait:

Walt Whitman

As you can see, I used only the main lines when forming the portrait. The drawing itself could have been even more simplified: without filling out the beard or clothing creases.

This was the process of drawing Ernest Hemingway:

Typography portrait of Ernest Hemingway – time lapse video

And this is the final drawing:

Typography portrait of Ernest Hemingway

This is how the typographic portrait of Virginia Woolf turned out:

This is the cathedral from my hometown 🙂 This is what it looks like:

Cathedral in Osijek, Croatia

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